{2017 Best*} Eid Mubarak Whatsapp Status and Facebook Messages

For those who know how big this occasion is of Eid 2017 they know that how to enjoy and celebrate it. First of all, many youngsters update their social media account status with latest Eid Mubarak status so that they can take this festival celebration online. Updating your eid Mubarak WhatsApp status as well as FB status shows that how much you are committed to your festival and you are going to enjoy it at it's full. There are different kind of Eid Mubarak status for WhatsApp and Facebook because these two social media have different status word limitation and they have also different kind of friends that is the reason we update our status according to that. On WhatsApp we have all the closest friend (whose number are saved in our mobile) are in chat but facebook we have also some of bound friends to whom we would not like to show our public eid status for Facebook. So it is very important to have a check on what you write and update as your Eid Mubarak whatsApp, facebook status.

Eid Mubarak Whatsapp & Facebook Status: Best Eid-al-Fitr 2017

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Eid card status are very useful when you are writing some Eid Mubarak special wishes in your beauty card. This Eid status in Hindi can also be used on whatsApp and Facebook for updating your personal profile status. Eid Mubarak WhatsApp status in Hindi popular in India and Pakistan where lots of people use their status in Hindi. We have collected some special Eid wishes for WhatsApp and Facebook with you can use all these social media sending Eid wishes to your friends and relatives. Eid Mubarak wishes greetings are little bit different when we use them on Facebook and other social media because the Eid wishes and greetings include e cards graphic images that makes online sending of Eid wishes more unique and interesting.

The night market during Ramadan and EID are generally open in all over countries because there are many people looking for in different items day and night. You can also help them by updating your Eid Mubarak WhatsApp and Facebook status to the current status in your area market this will help them to buy something that they are really in need. There are also a lot of celebrities who update some of the major Eid status for Facebook which is liked and followed by millions of followers they should also choose their words and sentences carefully for their Eid Mubarak status. Otherwise it will impart negative impact on the society and they can also start hating their heroes. Eid Mubarak status for WhatsApp can be taken lightly because you have close friends who can tolerate anything you update new status but no need to write anything bad about Muslim religion.

Eid mubarak whatsapp status in hindi

Many people already start updating their whatsApp and Facebook status just a day before Eid in the evening at sunset. This shows how much they are happy for there eid occasion which is really proud moment for all the muslim community ladies and gents have different choices of Eid Mubarak status update because they have different types of friends and interaction between their friends. Eid ul Fitr mubarak WhatsApp status can also be copied from other website and then can be used in your text messages for free. We have also tried to provide you some Eid Mubarak status in Hindi along with the English so that you can understand them as well I'll send them to your relatives.